Saturday, July 9, 2011

Did Someone Say Cake Pops!?!

For Christmas my parents gave me the book "Cake Pops" by Bakerella!

I haven’t had a chance to experiment with these cute little treats since I received the book… but now that I’m done babysitting (the awesomest kids EVER!) I have some spare time on my hands!
I had to add this pic of the kids... they're soooo cute!

First of all let me tell you, I did not make g-free cake pops but they can EASILY be!  Honestly I have some troubles following recipes (ask Beau about the numerous meltdowns in the middle of my baking adventures when I realized I missed crucial ingredients!)

Making the actual cake pops or balls is really easy.

1)   For your first time, use a regular cake box mix (I used Betty Crocker Devil’s Chocolate) and bake it in a 9x 13 pan according to directions.

2)   Let cake cool completely.

3)   Crumble cake into fine pieces with your hands.

4)   Mix 3/4 can regular frosting in crumbled cake.  Use a spoon to mix it all in nicely!

5)   Roll into balls.

***Bakerella's Tip: You can divide cake mix into 4 portions if you don’t want to make about 48 cake balls.  For instance, I used half of the cake and was able to make about 20 cake balls.

I decided to make 12 "Patriotic" cake pops and 6 little chick pops.  

For the Patriotic ones, I dipped the pops in plain white melting chocolate.  Let them dry and then dipped them in red and lastly blue coating.  I used candy dye (which is oil based) to dye the white chips red and blue.
Cake pops drying in stryfoam.  Grey's Anatomy
on in the background!  If you plan on making your
pops flawless I suggest not watching TV... very distracting haha!

Finished Patriotic Cake Pops with summer sprinkles on top!

For the cute little chickie pops, I dipped the balls in the yellow chocolate.

While the chocolate was still wet, I made the beak with two orange heart sprinkles and two orange flower sprinkles for the feet!  When the coating dried completely, I used a black edible pen and drew the eyes.  Super cute!  Perfect for kids and Spring time!

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