Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little Stewie :)

We adopted this little guy a week and a half ago.  Say hello to Stewie!  

Two weeks ago I was at the shelter I volunteer at when a man came in with two young kittens.  I decided to take them in and what do you know... we ended up adopting one!
He's such a love bug.  Today while I was washing the dishes he snuggled up on my feet  :)

He, like my doggies, loves warm clothes fresh out of the dryer.  And of course, laying on the bed at every chance.

One big cuddle fest before bed the other night.  SO adorable!

He also looooves my hubby's flight bag.  Every night while he studies, Stewie sneaks his way into the bag and takes his bazillionth cat nap of the day.  (right now he is preferring to be nocturnal which makes for a very sleepy momma aka me)

Look at those whiskers!  And I promise he doesn't usually look this evil.  Just his purrdy blue, slightly cross-eyed eyes don't like the camera flash!

And lastly, here are a few cuties of the doggies.  

 Khloe doing a "Tebow-esque" pose on the couch.
Khloe with the feathers she shredded from Stewie's toys.  
She  is so intrigued by him and constantly follows him around.  They're starting to play, too!

And lastly, gorgeous Bama with one ear pinned back  :)


  1. That ts delightful. gramma

  2. Adorable little creatures. So cute and loving. That cat looks like he has character. Great they all get along...

  3. Stewie is adorably cute but nothing beats that photo of your Bama with his ear pinned back :)


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