Monday, September 12, 2011

Dear Cake Pops, Let's Make New Friends!

   Tonight I got to meet some great ladies at the HT-28 spouses squadron party!  

   For all you non-military people out there, there are three different helicopter training squadrons down here at NAS Whiting... and just like Beau was in VT-2 while he flew fixed wing earlier this year (the super cool T-34 that I got to drive!  Check out my post on it here!), he's now in HT-28.  

   So anyways, long story short, I decided it was time to meet some military spouses!  I am desperate need of friends down here in good old Milton... don't get me wrong - the hubs is awesome and the doggies are super cool - but some other human interaction would be nice too haha!

  Whenever someone hosts a get-together, I always feel the need to bring a treat... a sweet one of course!  So I decided to make cake pops!

   Our lovely host Julie hosted a Margarita party so I thought I'd try my hand at making "Margarita Pops" complete with a melted candy lime and salt (aka sugar) around the top.
I didn't use sparkling sugar so it was too fine and  blended in with the light
green colored melting chocolate.  With the correct sugar (it's coarser than
granulated sugar) it will make a nice statement on this pop! 
   I covered the rest of the pops in melted bittersweet chocolate.  The perfect pair with the gluten free vanilla cake mix inside  :-)
  The hubs suggested I place them in martini glasses to make them look extra cute.  Excellent idea!

   I left the party with empty martini glasses.  Success!  

Cheers to new friends!


  1. you are amazing. gramma nancy.

  2. You are so creative my little Sweetpie!! :-)
    and they look sooo yummy too!!! Miss you !!!!!
    love Muzzie

  3. Your cake pops look great! The little limes are just too cute!

  4. Yum, Yum, Yum for the Tum, Tum, Tum. Looks like a drinkers delight. I think every bar or restaurant should have a martini glass of these. make your millions...


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